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Laminate Wood Flooring in Scottsdale, AZ


Laminate flooring in Scottsdale, AZ, is rugged, durable, aesthetically appealing, and priced right, which allows you to expand your decorating ideas without increasing your budget or sacrificing quality! Our local store is pleased to provide you with an incredible selection of affordable options, including our long-lasting and stylish laminate wood flooring, and our warehouse showroom is fully stocked with an impressive inventory. Upgrading your home’s floors is a strong investment to improve the value and style of your living space!


The Luxury of Laminate Wood Flooring


Laminate hardwood floors can offer you a luxurious look for a surprisingly low price. This is one of our most affordable options, potentially saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. As well as being cost-effective, laminate wood flooring is also reliable and resilient – its durability makes it the perfect choice for high-traffic areas of your home. Masterfully constructed and enhanced with the visual design of wood grain, each vivid swirl in laminate wood flooring gives the appearance of natural hardwood flooring. We offer an eclectic array of uniquely crafted designs of grain style, from subtle to moderate, or prominent to match your personal taste and style!


Decorative Laminate Tile Flooring


Laminate tile flooring is an affordable alternative to traditional tile and is also easier to install. This provides a decorative and functional option for your home while taking it easy on your budget. When you choose laminate tile flooring, you can achieve ornamental appeal without breaking the bank. Artfully crafted patterns and colors offer a unique flooring style. Laminate tile flooring is also long-lasting with a broad spectrum of design options at affordable rates so you can find the right style for your home at the right price for your budget! Our experienced sales team can assist you with making the perfect selection for your home’s style or theme and your own personal vision. Our showroom is impressively stocked with a fantastic selection of beautifully designed brands from prominent manufacturers such as:


  • Armstrong
  • HomeCraft
  • Mannington
  • Mohawk
  • Pergo
  • Shaw


Quality Laminate Floors


Laminate floors are high in quality and a great benefit to your home. Playing a crucial role in protecting the integrity of your flooring is their four-layered composition, which consists of:


  • The wear layer resists moisture and protects against fading, surface burns, and stains.
  • The decorative or design layer provides an aesthetic that creates a beautiful appearance.
  • The core layer provides protection against indentations and moisture; the durable high-density board helps with water resistance.
  • The back, or balancing layer, stabilizes the floor and protects the planks against moisture.
  • Our durable and quality laminate floors are updated every season to ensure that you will have the most diverse options and trending styles that fit modern homes.


Dependable Laminate Flooring Installation


Your laminate flooring installation will be done right the first time when you rely on our dependable flooring experts to professionally install your floors. Our experienced team is a trustworthy network of qualified workers who operate our local warehouse and are ready to install your new floor. Our laminate wood flooring installation is accurate, efficient, and supported by a guarantee against defects!

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